Blissy Mesh Wash/Laundry Bags (2 Pack)

By Blissy

The perfect complement to your Blissy silk beauty product, or any other delicate that requires the gentlest of washes. Designed to keep the contents safe and protected from abrasive damage while washing with other clothes.  Our Stay-Put Zipper Retention System hides and holds the zipper in place with an elastic loop. So during washes, it can’t break, damage clothes, or scrape and ding the washer drum. The high-quality materials ensure the mesh bags last for hundreds of uses.  Our Blissy Mesh Laundry Bags will keep your delicates safe, clean, and just like new after every wash. Easy Care Steps for Your Blissy Silk Beauty Product: * Sort your laundry and make sure you don’t wash your Blissy with any heavy clothing like jeans or jackets.